Real-Time Forecasts.
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Transforming data into actionable insights

You see untapped potential in your data

But building the expertise to make use of it is both time consuming and expensive.

Bringing in expertise

We specialize in building real-time forecasting solutions using AI.

Our adaptive systems make this process fast and easy and allow us to iterate quickly over new data and requirements.


We deploy our data pipeline to your infrastructure to streamline your data into a format our AI can understand.


We train our AI to discover patterns in the data allowing it to derive accurate predictions.


You own the live forecasts via powerful APIs and intuitive dashboards.

About us

We are a team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers from Germany with experience in building and shipping automated forecasting solutions using the latest AI/ML technologies.

Our aim is to make companies with the right vision become pioneers in their field. We are passionate about providing solutions, rather than just tools. While at work, we take pride in our strong bias for action.


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